Fully automatic sachet form fill and seal machine for powders,granules and liquids.Machine can produce four side seal sachets in multiple lanes. Number of lanes depends of the bag width of the sachet. Various configurations available with different price points.


Flexi Sachet 1200 FFS Machine

Machine with high speed and excellent fill accuracy.

1.  Machine can produce up to 15 lanes, max. film width 1200 mm.

2.  Max. speed up to 100 cpm.

3.  Minimized seal contamination with fine-tuned filling system.

4.  Strings of pouches programmable from HMI.

5.  Machine can easily connected with required dozing equipment.

Detergent Detergent
Shampoo / Conditioner Shampoo / Conditioner
Oil Oil
Dish Wash Dish Wash
Reel Widthup to 1200 mm 
Reel Diameterup to  600 mm 
Reel Core Diameter76 and 150 mm
No. of lanesMin.4 Max.15
Packaging material film reelCommercial available Heat sealable  Laminate Films.
Typical Output
Nominal Speed (Dry Cycle)Up to 80 Cycles/min.Up to 100 Cycles/min.Up to 120 Cycles /min
FillersMultilane Auger Filler, Easy Dose Cup Filler, Tilting Cup fillers for powders, Multilane Piston Filler, Timer based or flow meter based gravity fillers  depending on liquid application.
Pouching OptionsThree Side Seal, Four Side Seal
OthersPacking Styles –  V-Notch and Easy –Tear
4 Side seal 4 Side seal
Stick pack Stick pack