This is a vertical screw feeder. The feed volume is controlled by the accurate number of rotations of the auger screw with the help of servo motor. Mixer is integral part of auger to maintain the BD of the product uniform. Speed of mixer motor and auger screw are settable from HMI. The number rotations of the screw is also settable from HMI to get accurate fill volume.


Auger filling machine

1.  Ideal for non-free flowing products.

2.  Auger height manually adjustable.

3.  Servo motor control for high accuracy. 

4.  Suitable for VFFS Machines.

5.  Easy to change format parts. 

6.  Also available as a standalone unit.

Sugar Sugar
Wheat Flour Wheat Flour
Spices Spices
Coffee Coffee
Agro Chemical Powder Agro Chemical Powder
Detergent Detergent
Cement Powder Cement Powder
Milk Powder Milk Powder
Variant Small Auger Filler Large Auger Filler Twin Auger Filler Multilane Auger Filler
Filler Type Volumetric                           Volumetric                           Volumetric                          Volumetric 
Filler Capacity 40 liters 100 liters 35 liters Depending on number of lanes
Dosing Range 20 CC - 6500 CC 300 CC - 28000 CC 20 CC - 6500 CC 5 CC - 200 CC
Minimum Film Volume NA NA  NA 5 CC
Maximum Film Volume NA NA NA 200 CC (recommended)
Filler Drive Servo                                   Servo                                  Servo                                 Servo 
Dimensions 1405 X 550 X 1340 1625 X 690 X 500 1410 x 800 x 1400 Depending on no of lanes

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