Multilane Cup Filler can be effectively used for volumetric filling of free flowing products.


1.  Ideal for packing of detergents, granules.

2.  Best suitable for free flow products.

3.  Construction in stainless steel 304 & 316L.

4.  Ideal for filling small sachet.

Sugar Sugar
Salt Salt
Rice Rice
Lentils Lentils
Animal Feed Animal Feed
Tea Tea
Agro Chemical Powder Agro Chemical Powder
Detergent Detergent
Snacks Snacks
Breakfast Cereals Breakfast Cereals
Oats Oats
Sub Variants Reciprocating plate Type
Filler Type Volumetric
Filler Capacity 60 Liters
Dosing Range 30 CC - 300 CC (Depending on sachet width & no of lanes - max 7 lanes)
Lanes 4 to 12 Lanes
Powder or Granules can fill Up to 400 cc
Dimensions 2060 x 1200 x 1000

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