Linear feeder can be effectively used for weigh metric filling of products with medium DFR . Generally used for light weight products.


1.  Ideal when an assortment of products needs to be weighed on the same Machine.

2.  All contact parts constructed in Stainless Steel.

3.  Specially designed for products with resistive flow properties.

4.  Best-suited for light weight products like shredded cheese, flakes, chips, Breakfast cereals etc.

Sugar Sugar
Salt Salt
Rice Rice
Lentils Lentils
Animal Feed Animal Feed
Coffee Coffee
Tea Tea
Agro Chemical Powder Agro Chemical Powder
Detergent Detergent
Shredded Cheese Shredded Cheese
Paneer Paneer
Snacks Snacks
Breakfast Cereals Breakfast Cereals
Oats Oats
Biscuits Biscuits
Confectionary Confectionary
Frozen Food Frozen Food

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