A weigh-metric system effectively used for dusty, free flowing and high DFR products.


1.  Excellent solution for weighing dusty, free flowing, products

2.  The product is conveyed from a vertical hopper and metered through a flap.

3.  Suitable for Products with Low B.D(Bulk Density) & high DFR( dynamic Flow Rate).

4.  All contact parts constructed in Stainless Steel and is totally enclosed.

5.  Suitable for packing of Tea, Sugar, chemicals, etc.

6.  Available in different Models: Up to 1.4L and 6.5L

7.  Multi dump for higher pack sizes

Sugar Sugar
Salt Salt
Rice Rice
Lentils Lentils
Tea Tea
Agro Chemical Powder Agro Chemical Powder
Detergent Detergent
Filler Net Scale
Variants 2T / 3T SNS ( Small ) 2T SNS / 3T SNS ( Large)
Filler Type Weighmetric
Filler Capacity 220-1400cc 500-6500cc
Dosing Range 1 Kg or 1.4L max (per track) 5 Kg or 6L max (per track)
Minimum Fill Volume 0.22 L 0.5 L
Maximum Fill Volume 1.4 L 6 L
Filler Drive Servo Drive
Dimensions 2T (850 X 1000 X 2000) and 3T (1100 X 1000 X 2000) 2T (1200 X 1850 X 2000)

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